monitor valuable inventory – simple install – low cost

Alarm, Log Over Cell Network

Use Our Standard Configurations and Start Monitoring

Connects over the cellular network. Text message alarms up to five cell phones. History network to alarm and log data. Easy installation, no technical skills needed. Temperature, humidity, doors, light, pressure, voltage, current, pH, conductivity, pressure, and others.

Need a Custom Product? We Can Build It Fast

Use our circuits and software. Tell us your requirements. We’ll design a unit for you. Our products cost hundreds of dollars, not thousands.
We have built products in less than three months. Call us. We know GSM and GPRS communications.

UPS status & room climate monitoring. Connects to UPS with serial cable. Temperature & humidity sensors.
Remote time clock. Workers clock in and out. Spreadsheets are created. Data moves over-the-air. Read more…
Commercial refrigeration monitor/logger. Water resistant housing. Refrigeration Design Technology
Remote server room power monitoring. Up to six current transformers. TelMex Telephone of Mexico

Wireless Sensor Transmitter $99

NewAvoid running sensor wires. Place these small, battery powered units where you need them.  Attach up to four temperature and humidity sensors and the pod relays the data for hundreds of feet.


Batteries last over a decade.  Each base station can handle up to four wireless pods. Each wireless sensor radio comes with a temperature sensor.

“We have three fridges in three rooms. An electrician quoted $600 to run the temperature sensor wires through the ceiling tiles. We added the wireless temp sensor options and we running in 30 minutes. One of our nurses uses touble-sided tape to attach the wireless pods to the side of the fridge. Worked fine. Installation time – 5 minutes.: Dr. Hal Mandell, MD, Silverlake

Opthamology, Silverlake, Colorado